BILL PAY set-up

When setting up for the first time to make a payment, you will need a bill stub to put in your account information.  Your name must match how it is on the bill.  You will need a Municipality Code.  That code is:  PoseyIN125.  That is only needed for the first time when setting up your account on-line.


Browsers!  When you put in your payment information and click on "apply" and it appears that nothing is happening, there is a pop-up there.  If you are using a browser that does NOT show pop-ups, you are stuck.  Simply use another browser, such as Chrome.  Allow the pop-up when prompted and you should be fine from that time on.


If you have questions, call the office.  We are always willing to try to help in any way that we can.



Controlling Water Usage

One of the biggest problems we see with out of control water bills is the toilet.  While we all love indoor plumbing, it can be a silent thief.  A large percent of unexplained leaks are a result of a toilet that runs intermittently or simply doesn't shut off.  This is water that goes out of your home, through your septic and into the ground.  Many times you never "see" the water, so it is hard to understand where the problem is.  A leaking toilet, even the smallest leak, can run several thousand gallons each day.


Another problem we often see is the water softener that gets stuck in a cycle.  While many don't use these anymore, if you still have one, you should watch it carefully.  We currently purchase 99% of our water from Patoka Lake R.W.S.D., which is very soft and low in minerals.  Softeners are really not needed.


Another thing that gets us all at one time or another is the "forgotten hose."  We turn the water on to fill a tank, etc. and we get busy trying to multi-task and we forget it's running until we have made a new pond or the animals are enjoying their new mud pit.  It happens to us all.


Anytime an unexpected high usage hits, we can't adjust your usage/bill, but we are always willing to work with you on payments to get it paid and try to prevent a hardship.



How are Billing Cycle works

We read our meters monthly, usually around the 20th - 24th of each month.  Bills leave the office on the last day of the month.  They are due on the 1st and past due on the 17th, unless that's a weekend or holiday.  All unpaid accounts are subject to disconnection the last business day of the month.  If you are disconnected due to non-payment, the full amount billed plus a Re-connect Fee must be paid to restore service.