Our Rates

Current rates are as follows:

Standard 5/8"-3/4" meter service charge is $13.60

1st 10,000G of water is $8.06 per 1,000G

AFTER the 1st 10,000G of water, the cost $5.23 p/1,000G


Beginning with the July Billing, June usage, there will be a $.25 p/1,000G increase.  Patoka Lake R.W.S.D. has increased their rates and we will be passing that along to you.


If you are trying to calculate for bill, here's some help:

If your usage is 4,580G, it would calculate as follows:

Service Charge $13.60

4.58 (thousand gallons in decimal form) X $8.06= $36.91

$36.91 + $13.60 = $50.51

Don't forget the sales tax:  $50.51 X 7% = $3.54

So, $50.51 + $3.54 = $54.05

If you should have a leak, leave a hose on, have a toilet or other fixture leaking, you wash the house, you wash the car, fill the pool, etc. the discounted rate is automatic.  Our tiered rates help with expected and unexpected higher usages.  


It is ALWAYS cheaper to fill a pool through your meter than have it hauled in.


If you ever have questions about how your bill is calculated, we're glad to help!!  Don't fret, just call.



New Connections

If you are looking at connecting to our system, the cost for a new installation of a standard 5/8"-3/4" water service meter is a Membership Fee of $100.00, and a Connection Fee of $800.00.  If your request for service is where we have to bore under or dig on state maintained right-of-way, there is an additional fee of $55.00 for a State Highway Permit.  We will take care of getting the permit, we just pass the fee along to the customer.  Please note!!!! The Connection Fee will increase to $1,000.00 effective 1 October 2021.


Also, there are forms required for new connections.  You will find those under the Forms/Downloads tab.  If you have questions about which form(s) are needed, feel free to call us.  We're here to help you.