Our Rates

Current rates are as follows:

Standard 5/8"-3/4" meter service charge is $15.10

1st 10,000G of water is $9.10 per 1,000G

AFTER the 1st 10,000G of water, the cost $6.27 p/1,000G


If you are trying to calculate your bill, here's some help:

If your usage is 4,580G, it would calculate as follows:

Service Charge $15.10

4.58 (thousand gallons in decimal form) X $9.10= $41.68

$41.68 + $15.10 = $56.78

Don't forget the sales tax:  $56.78 x 7% = $3.97

So, $56.78 + $3.97 = $60.75

If you should have a leak, leave a hose on, have a toilet or other fixture leaking, you wash the house, you wash the car, fill the pool, etc. the discounted rate is automatic.  Our tiered rates help with expected and unexpected higher usages.  


It is ALWAYS cheaper to fill a pool through your meter than have it hauled in.


If you ever have questions about how your bill is calculated, we're glad to help!!  Don't fret, just call.



New Connections

If you are looking at connecting to our system, the cost for a new installation of a standard 5/8"-3/4" water service meter is a Membership Fee of $100.00, and a Connection Fee of $1,750.00.  If your request for service is where we have to bore under or dig on state maintained right-of-way, there is an additional fee of $55.00 for a State Highway Permit.  We will take care of getting the permit, we just pass the fee along to the customer. 


Also, there are forms required for new connections.  You will find those under the Forms/Downloads tab.  If you have questions about which form(s) are needed, feel free to call us.  We're here to help you.




We not only offer bills by mail/postcard, but at no charge, you can get your bill by Email.  To sign up for this, simply call the office, drop us a note, or chose your bill delivery preference through the Customer Portal.  Email bills are sent the last business day of the month, usually before noon.  It's simple and easy to get started.


Call if you have any questions or need assistance!



Auto ACH

We offer Auto Debit from Checking Accounts.  We do this at no fee to the customer.  This is done here, in our office, once a month.  We debit your account for payment on the 17th of each month.  If that is a weekend or holiday, it will be the following business day.  It's easy to sign up.  Simple call to get the form, or download it from the "Download/Print Forms" tab, and return it to our office by mail, drop off or drop in in the drop box next to the door.  Give us a call if you have any questions.


Beginning in May 2023, we will be able to offer Auto Pay by Debit/Credit card.  You can set this up through the Customer Portal or you can call the office and we can set it up for you.  You must acknowledge/agree that you understand how it works to enable this.  Please note!  There is a fee to use this method of payment.